Pedax - Permatic 60A
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Pedax - Permatic 60A



Only one operator.

Complex bending shapes with different radii are bent in one process.

Substantial reduction of set-up and non-productive times.

Combinations of bending rollers on one machine and bending carriers on the other machine possible.

PEDAX tool quick change system with splines.

Pneumatic bar advance and deposition system for effortless working with only one operator.

Minimum centre/centre distances thanks to removable support trestles. (99 cm, measured centre/centre of the bending plates)

PEDAX software for particularly simple operation.

Polygonal bending possible.

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Permatic 60A

Product description:

Innovative further development of the proven Permatic double bending systems, designed for the bending of shapes with different radii in a single process.

Permatic double bending systems guarantee high production performances with substantially reduced personnel expenditure – the operation is simple and effort-saving.

In addition to the usual mobility of the mobile bending machine in the longitudinal direction (x axis), both bending machines can now be moved crosswise to the bar axis (in the y-direction) in the Permatic A. This independent mobility enables the use of bending rollers or bending hearts of different sizes and thus the production of bending shapes with different radii in an automatic process.