Máy Cắt Laser LFK - LCM3015
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Máy Cắt Laser LFK - LCM3015

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Easy to access & change the focusing lens

Easy to locate & confirm the cutting head location

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High Speed CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Special feature:

Cutting systems

LCM laser cutting machine is equipped with the imported Europe “Precitec” laser cutting head, all parts are integrated in one assembly, that is easy to access & change the focusing lens, and redusing the failure significantly. It is easy to locate & confirm the cutting head location through the visible laser locator.


Product description:

Fanuc advanced constant optical laser cutting system

During laser cutting, the cutting of different focus position will result in different cutting speeds. In order to ensure the stability of the cutting quality, it must firstly to ensure constant cutting focus position. The changes of the beam diameter will lead to the different cutting position, therefore; in order to get a good cutting quality and high efficiency, it must ensure the beam diameter changing as small as possible. Fanuc advanced constant optical system can ensure the laser beam diameter is constant, so that the cutting product can gain a good quality and high efficiency.


Technical Specification


X : 3000 mm

Y : 1500 mm

Z : 100mm

Max. Sheet Weight

800 Kg

Max. Positioning Speed

Single axis : 120m/min

Linkage : 180m/min

Positioning Accuracy

± 0.1mm


CNC Controller



Controlled axis

X, Y1, Y2, U, Z

Other controlled section

Laser, auxiliary gas, cutting speed, the high of the cutting nozzle


10.4’’ TFT” color display


Cutting parameters





Carbon steel

550mm/min 22mm

2400mm/min 6mm

12000mm/min 1mm

550mm/min 28mm

3000mm/min 6mm

20000mm/min 1mm

550mm/min 32mm

2400mm/min 12mm

22000mm/min 1mm

Stainless steel

500mm/min 10mm

1000mm/min 6mm

15000mm/min 1mm

800mm/min 12mm

1800mm/min 6mm

25000mm/min 1mm

600mm/min 16mm

1200mm/min 12mm

28000mm/min 1mm

Aluminum Alloy

600mm/min 6mm

2000mm/min 3mm

18000mm/min 1mm

2000mm/min 6mm

3000mm/min 4mm

30000mm/min 1mm

1200mm/min 10mm

2600mm/min 6mm

35000mm/min 1mm


Laser sourse


FANUC C2000i-C/C4000i-C/C6000i-C

Laser power


Wave length


Output stability

± 1% / 8 hours ~ ±2% / 8 hours

Input power capacity


Laser gas

CO, N, He mixed gas



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