HACO Q5 - Máy Đột Dập Liên Hợp CNC
HACO Q5 - Máy Đột Dập Liên Hợp CNC
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HACO Q5 - Máy Đột Dập Liên Hợp CNC

Tính năng nổi bật

1. X-axis: 2.500 or 3.000 mm (100" or 120") (rack & pinion)

2. Y-axes Gantry System (Y1-Y2)

3. Optional: big Part Chute Door (725 x 1500 mm) (28,54" x 60")

4. 22-30 ton HS Hybrid Servo-Electric Hydraulic Punching Head

5. All tools are 360° Auto Indexable

6. 20 Station Automatic Bi-directional Tool Changer

7. Output Conveyor for evacuation of parts

8. Fully supported Brush Tables

9. 3 CNC Programmable and Movable Sheet Clamps

10. 22" TPS 84S Graphics Control (Siemens 840D)

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HACO Q5 is the result of relentless innovation of HACO, The HACO Group has always been a staple in the metal fabrication in Europe as well as around the world. The explosion of the Industry 4.0 in Vietnam is the right time for the appearance of HACO Q5 according to the rise of need for technology application in order to constantly improve productivity and competitive advantage. As more and more businesses are interested, the HACO Q5 promises to satisfy the strictest requirement of customers.

With its 22 or 30 ton high -speed hybrid servo hydraulic punching head, Y-axis (throat) of 1600 mm (62,99") and high-speed rotation axis for all tools, the Haco Q5 is the perfect and most flexible CNC turret punching machine. The Haco Q5 series can handle medium and large sheet formats (2.500 x 1.500 mm or 3.000 x 1.500mm) (100" x 60" or 120" x 60"). With a free clearance of 80 mm (3,15") between brush table and ATC, the Q5 is not only ideal for punching, but also for high forming applications. The giant part chute door and high-speed sheet movements guarantee high volume production performances.

HACO Q5 also has been integrated the CNC TPS 84S Graphic Control (Siemens 840D) with 20” touch screen as an innovative design, making more flexible and optimum network integration.
8 Highlight Features of HACO Q5:
1. 360 Indexability Of All Punching Tools
All tools are 360-degree high speed auto indexable because of “Hybrid Servo-Electric Hydraulic” and “Torque Motor” technology. The hit rate can reach up to 1200 hpm.

2. Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
Changing tool is fast, easy and safe due to the 12 or 20 station (200 station*) Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) combine with high speed bidirectional tool rotation.
(* in case of 10 station MultiTools)

3. 03 Programmable Sheet Clamps and automatic individual repositioning
03 Hydraulic and programmable sheet clamps boost up productivity while minimizing “dead zone”.

4. Fully Supported Brush Table
Capability to process full up to 3000 x 1500 mm sheet without repositioning and programming accuracies is ±0.01 mm.
5. High-speed
Max. Accelerations of X axis is 3.57 G and Y axis is 1,53 G. traverse Speed up to 170 m/min.
6. Flexibility tooling application
Each ATC station of the CNC punching machine HACO Q5 can take 5 or 10 station indexable MultiTools and it offers a complete range of tools for special applications such as louvering, embossing, forming, bending, tapping, 40 characters ID stamping, marking and all wheel tools.

7. HACO Punch Pro
The ability to nest by CAD/CAM program “HACO Punch Pro”, a simple and easy-to-use interface, automatically nesting sheet to minimize production time and wastage of sheet.

8. Up To 70 mm Bending Height
Exceptionally fast and high forming capabilities, with a bending height of 70mm thanks to the large clearance (80mm) between working table and ATC.
In a variety of angles and even on parts which are nested in other locations than 0°-45° and 90° the Haco Q5 becomes a multifunctional part processing machine.
"HACO Q5 is the perfect CNC Punching Machine to compare with others in the same segment and it also has a wide range of applications for processing metal fabrication which require extremely high accuracy such as elevator industry, electric cabinets, computer cabinets, amplifier speakers, etc."
Up To 70 mm Bending Height
Large clearance between working table and ATC (80mm) provides HACO Q5 exceptionally fast and high forming capabilities, with a bending height of 70mm.
Fully Supported Brush Table
Capability to process full up to 3000 x 1500 mm sheet without repositioning combine with Giant Part Chute Door (750 x 1500 mm)
03 Programmable Sheet Clamps 
HACO Q5's sheet clamps has the ability to individual repositioning automatically to boost up productivity while minimizing “dead zone”.



Q5 2522-20i


Capacity in ton


Maximum plate thickness

6.5 mm

Number of indexable tools

20 - 200


Punching mechanism

Hybrid servo electro-hydraulic

CNC control

TPC 845 Graphics


Full HD touch screen

Tool concept

maximum tool diameter

Trumpf* style (76.4mm)



Trumpf* style steel strippers


Urithane strippers (2-4-1 style)

Hitrates (depending on meterial
thichness, nibbling step, sheet weight)


max. 1200 hpm

Axes strokes


2540 mm (80")


1580 mm (63")




37 mm (1,456")

Axes speeds (depending on
material thickness, sheet weight)


150 m/min


80 m/min

Traverse speed

170 m/min

Rotation time


122ms/90° tool rotaion

Max. Accelerations


3,57 G


1,27 G


1256 rev/s2

Sheet dimensions


2540 mm (80")


1580 mm (63")

Max-sheet weight

200 kg

Programming accuracies

X-Y Axis

0,01 mm

Positioning accuracies - per meter

X-Y Axis

± 0,1 mm

Futher machine specifications



Dimensions (WxLxH)